Operation Illegal ORV Yota Rescue 08-03-07

Someone, went where they were not supposed to be.
They did it at night...
AND all alone!
We winched the rig out of the trees that were wedging the tires one way.
The Birfield's are both broken so it won't turn passenger.
The winch coming in usefull!
Beautiful evening! Too bad we cannot come here normally!
Wheel has to come off to take the axle out.
The guilty driver working on getting the nut off of the bent tierod.
Somebody is going chrome-oly soon!!!
Beautiful area! Once the wheel could spin free, we let it coast down until we could get it on a flat spot to give it a jump. The reverse light had been tripped and drained the battery.


As soon as it is charged... it will be started via the wonderful screwdriver method!!


Later, we had to start it using the coast method.

Home safe, no tickets.