Beauty Creek- 08-04-07

Rich Flops!!!

Driving through Post Falls/CDA on our way to the beauty creek area.

Got out to lock the hubs just in case and took a shot!

Rich -> Bob -> Barry

Exploring ghost trails!
OOOPSSS! Not here!
Barry showing us the dozen point turn method!
What the heck?

Picked up a cling-on!


IT TOOK OUT MY Driver's Side Front Brake line!!!

Had to to have Bob back his tire on to it to pull it out from being wedged under the truck!
Bob trying to repair the stripped connector.
Lot's of trees to cut out of the path.
I know, Rich has a problem.
Ghetto glasses and the goofy new beard.
Beautiful view.
Perfect Day to wheel.. minus the fire danger and dust!
Good trail ride with some fun obstacles.
Lots of trees and brush to scrape through.
WoooHOOO! Found a Kelly Hump!
This looks like a bumper grabber!
Bob giving it a shot.
The winch dug in too far.